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On our website, in the reservation form, select a date from the "free dates" menu, and you can choose from the free times that are displayed. The booking confirmation will then be sent to your email address in the next 24h.

Either by a phone call to the number +420 603 220 142 or by email to Or possibly by creating a new reservation and entering information to cancel the previous reservation into the note.

The game is designed for teams of 4 players. Each player gets their own game phone, with which they control the game and earn points in the app. A possible variation of the team is 3 players, where one player has two phones, or 5 players, where one player does not have a phone. It is also possible to create more teams that will play at the same time; however, the minimal number of players in one team is 3.

The voucher is always redeemed in FUTURENTO at the time of the reservation. Therefore, it is necessary to have this voucher with you (on the phone is enough). The vouchers are not automatically applied by entering the code of the voucher into the reservation.

Yes, there is. You need to drive to a street Klečákova. At the end of the street, there is a gate with a bell. Ring the bell FUTURENTO, and we will let you into our parking space. (street Na Harfě is only for pedestrians)

The game is 3 hours long, but it is possible to end the game sooner. However, the 3 hours are fully used. The players have access to the lobby during the whole game, where they can refresh themselves.

Our game is not extremely physically difficult; however, there are some physical activities. We would like to remind you that our game is played at your own risk. We do not recommend our game to people with heart problems, people suffering from epilepsy, or pregnant women. Safety is our number one priority.

Comfortable sports clothing and shoes. It is not necessary to have shoes for indoor use. During the cold months, we recommend having a jacket with you.

We recommend our game for children over 12 years old. If the player is younger than 12 years old, there has to be another player over 18 years old. Children under 15 years old need to have an escort for introductory administration (the escort doesn’t have to go inside with them).

The capacity of the game at one time is 40 players, 10 teams. In some places, you will meet other teams, but elsewhere it will be only your team.

The game is in Czech and English. Everywhere in our area are labels in English.

The game is enclosed, and it is not possible to watch players during the game.

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What people said about us

"On Friday, June 10th, we were with classmates from 8th grade, elementary school, in an escape game. I appreciate and thank you for the warm welcome, and nice, friendly atmosphere, and our students thank you for the amazing team activity. I ardently recommend".

"An amazing experience, quite relaxing but also exciting. During the 3 hours, it is possible to complete all the tasks, along with a short break for a drink. Some of the tasks were easy, but others we had to do again and again for half an hour. The atmosphere was amazing, and we appreciated the imaginativeness of the rooms. The service was great, kind, and helpful. They did not even have a problem when we went back to the rooms after finishing the game. Thank you so much, and we are looking forward to another visit and new rooms!"

"An absolutely amazing experience that I can recommend to anyone. Diverse tasks, a lot of fun, and kind service. Perfect even as a bonding event, as this game really cannot be done without teamwork."